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A lightweight and discreet satchel designed to keep the essentials with you at all times.

The Street_Satchel is designed to be an essential bag that travels with you everywhere. Slung across your back when walking the streets of Beirut. On your lap in a vehicle driving through Vientiane. It carries your most essential kit and never leaves your side.

Constructed of hard-wearing and lightweight UHMWPE fabric and webbing, and custom YKK zips, the Street_Satchel is lightweight and hardwearing.

The Street_Satchel comes in two versions - DCF and ULTRA. We use the strongest, lightest and most durable materials available. It's possible that the Street_Satchel may actually outlive you.

Both versions come with customised zips from YKK with water-resistant matte tape and black oxide sliders, UHMWPE webbing tabs for optional accessories, and a 40mm polyester detachable shoulder sling with acetal hardware.

Learn more about the technical details of the bag here

Street_Satchel Mk I DCF

The DCF version is made using Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF). We’ve selected the 5 oz DCF fabric for additional strength and durability.



Street_Satchel Mk I ULTRA

The ULTRA version is made from Challenge Ultra 400 fabric, a unique blend of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polyester.




We’re making the Street_Satchel Mk I in limited quantities.

For the moment, there's a limit of one bag per order.

You can order by email using the buttons above. Once we receive your pre-order, we'll send you a Stripe invoice, which you can pay using credit card. As soon as we receive your payment, we'll either ship your bag or place your order in the production queue.

Due to supply chain constraints affecting material support and shipping, there may be delays to your order. We appreciate your patience.

Prices include tracked international shipping.

Street_Satchel_ULTRA in Istanbul

Street_Satchel Mk I ULTRA taking a short break in the backstreets of Istanbul


Just enough features. Nothing extraneous.

Weatherproof materials and construction. Enough to survive an equitorial downpour. Not enough to be used as a flotation device to get you safely across a river.

Slimline construction, enabling the satchel to be worn under a jacket.

Lightweight. If you didn't put anything in it, you wouldn't notice you're wearing it.

The main compartment will fit a 14-inch Macbook Pro or Macbook Air (in a form-fitting case).

The Street_Satchel comes with the System_Strap_40. The System_Strap_40 is constructed from polyester webbing, with a breaking strain of 900daN. We use acetal hardware on the strap.


Just enough organisation

The Street_Satchel has two compartments: a main compartment and a front compartment.

Inside the main compartment, there’s a section for a laptop (fits a 14-inch MacBook Pro). Behind the laptop section, there’s a Hidden_Pocket for A4-sized documents. In keeping with our design philosophy, there’s no padding for the laptop section, but we've added a stitch along the bottom so the laptop doesn't sit on the bottom of the bag.

The front compartment contains a mesh panel with two pockets. The pockets are large enough for a small notebook and pen, a satellite communicator, a few rolls of film etc. There’s also another Hidden_Pocket inside the front section, suitable for your passport and a few SD cards.


Uncompromising materials

We've carefully selected materials for their durability, light weight and water resistance Both fabrics are constructed using UHMWPE, and are light, strong and waterproof. There are, however, a few differences that may influence your buying decision.

Dyneema Composite Fabric

The DCF CT9HK.18/wov6 is a hybrid DCF fabric, with an additional polyester fabric on the outside. This material uses 2.15 oz/yd 2 DCF for the inner layer and a 150D polyester plain-weave face fabric. The polyester face fabric adds strength and makes the material look more like a traditional woven fabric.

DCF will wear over time to develop a slightly rumpled matte finish. While initially the material will feel stiff and 'crinkly', it will soften over time without losing its capabilities. It will also develop a nice patina.

Challenge Ultra

Challenge Ultra is a laminate comprised of a 400D UHMWPE/polyester plain woven face with a 0.5 mm recycled PET film backing.

Whereas with DCF the outer material is polyester, with Ultra you're handling woven UHMWPE. UHMWPE has a more visible grain than DCF and feels more textured to the touch. It will also age differently to DCF.

UHMWPE fabric has an extremely high tear and tensile strength, and has maximal cut, abrasion, and wear resistance. The material is significantly stronger and harder wearing than DCF, but is slightly heavier (not enough to notice).

The UHMWPE/polyester laminate used with the Ultra fabric is also highly resistant to de-lamination.


Customised YKK zips for each application

After trialing different types of zips and sliders, we've selected YKK zips sources from Japan.

The zip for the main compartment is a custom-ordered #8 YKK racquet coil zip in a reverse deployment. The zip tape has a matte black PU coating to make the zip water resistant. This zip has head to head sliders, with a locking mechanism in case you want to lock the bag for any reason. The zip slider is finished in matte black oxide, providing a durable scratch-resistant and non-reflective finish. Simple zip pullers are attached to the slider, enabling the zip to be easily manipulated while wearing gloves.

The zip for the front compartment is a #5 YKK AQUAGUARD zip. A 5CN DSBYG locking slider is used, and the zip pull tab can fold to sit flat against the bag. As with the main zip, the zip slider is also finished in matte black oxide.

Satchels Side by Side

Closeup of the Street_Satchel Mk I ULTRA showing zip detail


No hardware (at least, not on the bag)

The Street_Satchel has no fixed hardware. Plastic hardware tends to deteriorate over time, particularly in humid environments. Instead of installing hardware on the expensive item (the bag), we install it on the inexpensive item (the sling). It’ll be significantly less expensive to replace a simple polyester sling than to replace the satchel.

After trialing different types of hardware, we've selected acetal hardware sourced from South Korea. Unlike nylon hardware, acetal hardware is not affected by exposure to water or humidity.

Attachment points

Strong and lightweight accessory attachment points

We’ve sewn 25mm webbing tabs around the satchel as attachment points for optional accessories (these accessories are in the prototyping pipeline). Instead of using nylon or polyester webbing, we've used UHMWPE for these webbing tabs . UHMWPE webbing is light, supple and strong. Far stronger than it really needs to be for this application.

A basic shoulder sling is included with the satchel. The sling is made from 40mm polyester webbing, which absorbs less water (and smell) than nylon. The sling is finished with acetal hardware, which performs better than nylon hardware in humid and wet environments.

Satchels Side by Side

Street_Satchel Mk I side by side, with ULTRA on the left and DCF on the right

Mk I Version

The Street_Satchel Mk I is going to be a strictly limited edition. Not because it’s somehow exclusive, but we're limited in the volume of materials we're able to purchase and our production capacity is constrained. We’ll therefore only be making a small number of these bags for selected customers only. Once we’re sold out, we’ll be collecting feedback in preparation for Mk II.


Wash in water (30 deg C / 86 deg F) and air dry in the shade.