A specialist practice focused on pandemic mitigation, case management, and communications.

Our team has been assisting clients in Asia, the US and Europe to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic since January 2020.

We've developed detailed procedures, checklists, and templates to enable organisations to effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are able to advise on workplace mitigation planning and implementation, the management of suspected and confirmed cases, and how to communicate to employees and other stakeholders.

We are also conducting remote training for individuals and teams covering how to conduct contact tracing and case management within your organisation.

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Risk management for expeditions to higher-risk locations.

Last year we started leveraging our experience to advise companies who lead expeditions into remote and higher-risk locations.

We've built a number of unique tools and processes designed to make expeidtion planning simpler, more consistent, and more robust from a risk management perspective.

This has enabled us to bake in risk management to all stages of expedition planning, from selecting team leaders to selecting which stove to use.

Most importantly, our processes are designed not to impinge on the expedition experience. It's possible for expedition members to experience a good adventure without them being exposed to unecessary, unknown, and unplanned risk.

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Prepare your crisis teams to effectively manage crisis events.

The Crisis Simulation Group designs and delivers world-class crisis simulation exercises for organisations of all sizes.

Looking for assurance that your Crisis Team is actually able to respond competently to a crisis? This group has designed and delivered over 100 crisis simulation exercises in more than 20 countries, working with some of the world's leading organisations to ensure that their crisis teams are able to competently manage crisis events and protect their organisations.


Gain unique insights into the effectiveness of security in your organisation.

The Security Studies Group designs, conducts, and analyses surveys and questionnaires designed to gain unique insights into security within your organisation or your industry.

Need to measure the effectiveness of security awareness programs? Or see how effectively your organisation is supporting its travellers?

This is the place to start.


Integrated security programs designed to mitigate complex insider threats.

The Insider Threat Group helps organisations take a program approach to insider threats, building a layered defence that provides robust protection for your organisation.

Programs are underpinned by defensive training, including awareness training in the tactics and techniques used by hostile intelligence services to develop and recruit employees.

Our insider threat programs also help to build systematic awareness of threats from religious, political, or social radicalisation.