The Security Evacuation Handbook

Volume I: Fundamentals & Planning

31 December 2020 · 395 pages · $28.95

This is the first volume of a two-volume series focused on the planning and execution of security evacuations.

This comprehensive two-volume series will teach you how to plan and execute security evacuations from locations where there is a clear and present danger to the safety and well-being of your people.

This guide is an ideal reference for corporate security managers, security professionals and aviation operations managers who may be involved with the planning and execution of security evacuations.

This guide is also designed to be a reference for team leaders in remote localities, who may need to either develop evacuation plans themselves, or who want to review evacuation plans prepared for them by someone else. This group may include people leading expeditions in remote locations, as well as people leading teams in remote camps or work sites.

Volume I focuses on fundamentals and planning. Volume II, to be released in 2021, will focus on evacuation decision-making and execution.

Table of contents


1. Foundations

2. Government evacuations

3. Service providers

4. Evacuation policies

5. Planning principles

6. The planning process

7. Evacuation by air

8. Evacuation by land

9. Evacuation by sea

10. Ports of departure

11. Assembly points

12. Route planning

13. Safe havens

14. Ground transport planning

15. Security planning

16. Communications planning

17. Medical planning

18. Visa requirements

19. Contingency funds

20. Security of information

21. The evacuee manifest

22. Evacuation options

23. Testing evacuation options

24. Contingency planning

25. Emergency evacuation plan

26. Stay behind planning

27. Evacuation from multiple locations

28. Writing the evacuation plan

29. Conclusion


We have developed a series of templates to help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Templates will be added shortly.

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