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The Security Evacuation Handbook

This comprehensive two-volume series will teach you how to plan and execute security evacuations from locations where there is a clear and present danger to the safety and well-being of your people.

The Security Evacuation Handbook is a unique reference. It is the only commercially available guide on the subject of security evacuations.

This guide is an ideal reference for corporate security managers, security professionals and aviation operations managers who may be involved with the planning and execution of security evacuations.

If your organisation has evacuation plans in place for specific locations, the details contained in these handbooks will enable you to review your existing plans and improve them.

Volume I: Fundamentals & Planning

31 December 2020 · 392 pages · $28.95

ISBN: 978-981-14-9664-6

The first volume of a two-volume series, focused on evacuation fundamentals and planning.

Volume I will introduce you to the subject of security evacuations and walk you through the process of planning an evacuation. This volume includes the following:

  • An introduction to some of the key foundational aspects of security evacuations
  • A critical evaluation of government and assistance company evacuations
  • A detailed analysis of evacuation options, including air, land and sea
  • A discussion on the key policies that will drive evacuation planning, including evacuation eligibility
  • A full breakdown of the evacuation planning process

 By the time you’ve finished reading this volume, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to be able to plan your own security evacuations. From there, you’ll need to develop your experience in the field.

Also available in a bundled set with Volume II.

Table of contents


1. Foundations

2. Government evacuations

3. Service providers

4. Evacuation policies

5. Planning principles

6. The planning process

7. Evacuation by air

8. Evacuation by land

9. Evacuation by sea

10. Ports of departure

11. Assembly points

12. Route planning

13. Safe havens

14. Ground transport planning

15. Security planning

16. Communications planning

17. Medical planning

18. Visa requirements

19. Contingency funds

20. Security of information

21. The evacuee manifest

22. Evacuation options

23. Testing evacuation options

24. Contingency planning

25. Emergency evacuation plan

26. Stay behind planning

27. Evacuation from multiple locations

28. Writing the evacuation plan

29. Conclusion

Volume II: Decision-Making & Execution

31 March 2020 · 342 pages · $28.95

ISBN: 978-981-18-0666-7

The second volume of a two-volume series focused on the planning and execution of security evacuations.

This volume focuses on decision-making and execution of security evacuations.

The first part of Volume II focuses on evacuation decision-making. As you’ll learn, deciding when to evacuate is a complex decision. This handbook will introduce a number of decision-making frameworks designed to make these complex and critical decisions slightly easier.

After covering decision-making, this volume then works through each stage of a security evacuation, breaking down the key processes involved in executing an evacuation.

By the end of this volume, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to execute a security evacuation from any location that poses a clear and present danger to the safety and wellbeing of your people.

Also available in a bundled set with Volume I.

Table of contents


Part 1: Evacuation Decision-Making

1. The evacuation decision

2. The escalating risk framework

3. The infrastructure and resource availability framework

4. The evacuation window framework

5. The decision triggers framework

6. The go / no-go criteria framework

7. Benchmarking

8. Final thoughts

Part 2: Evacuation Execution

9. Introduction

10. Principles of evacuation execution

11. Basic steps of an evacuation

12. Leadership during an evacuation

13. Communications during an evacuation

14. Conducting phased withdrawals

15. Refusals to evacuate

16. Routine operations

17. Basic evacuation readiness

18. Advanced evacuation readiness

19. Executing an emergency evacuation

20. Movement to the Assembly Point

21. Waiting at the Assembly Point

22. Convoy movement

23. Movement to the Port of Departure

24. At the Port of Departure

25. At the Safe Haven

26. Staying behind

27. Going back

28. Conclusion

The Security Evacuation Handbook Bundle

The Security Evacuation Handbook Bundle

$49.95 (total if sold separately $57.90)

This bundle includes The Security Evacuation Handbook Volume I: Fundamentals & Planning and the The Security Evacuation Handbook Volume II: Decision-Making & Execution

All handbooks in this bundle are in PDF format.

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Evacuation Templates

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