The Guide to Travelling in Higher-Risk Environments

Published 3 July 2020 · 226 pages · $9.99

The comprehensive guide to staying safe while travelling in higher-risk environments.

This Guide covers preparation and planning, accommodation security, as well as security while on foot and while driving. The Guide also provides details on how to plan and conduct secure meetings and how to protect your information and privacy.

We've written the Guide with all types of travellers in mind, from backpackers to business people. If you're planning to travel to a location with a high levels of risk from crime, kidnap or terrorism, this guide is your ideal companion.

Table of contents


1. A Primer on Risk

2. Planning and Preparation

3. Foundations of Safe Travel

4. Getting There Safely

5. Staying Safe Once There

6. Protecting Information

7. Conclusion

Version 3 released on 30 December 2020.