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Information Security for Travellers

Live video training workshop, $135-$185 per person

Learn how to secure physical and digital information when travelling to and operating in higher-risk environments.

Information security

What you will learn

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Realistically assess threats and risks in the context of protecting information
  • Manage your persona and activities to ensure you can maintain a low profile
  • Set up 'secure' and 'clean' devices, and how (and when) to use burner phones
  • Select the appropriate applications to secure information and communications
  • Secure your communications when working with sensitive local contacts
  • Secure information when crossing borders
  • Secure information when travelling in vehicles and while in your accommodation
  • Protect hard copy information

Training environment

The online workshop will be conducted in two 90-minute sessions. The first session will focus on foundational aspects of the topic. The second session will go a level deeper and include scenario-based exercises, providing participants the opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice.

This workshop will be conducted using Zoom. Not familiar with Zoom? No problems. We'll provide detailed instructions on how to make the best of the session in advance.

The format will be relatively informal. We provide plenty of opportunities for questions and encourage participants to share their knowledge and experience with their peers.

Who should attend

The contents of this workshop are ideal for individuals who routinely travel to autocratic or higher-risk countries, and whose role may pique the interest of host country or third country security and intelligence services. This may include:

  • Executive travellers
  • Non-government organisations
  • Journalists
  • Security specialists
  • People working in sensitive corporate roles (strategy, R&D)

This workshop is designed for organisations, with class sizes of between 8 to 18 people. For now, we're unable to offer this training to individuals or groups smaller than 8 people.

Additional Details

Workshop location

For the time being, this workshop is conducted remotely by video only.


There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.


This workshop will be delivered in English, and all course handouts will be in English.

Workshop notes

All participants will have access to a comprehensive set of workshop notes and accompanying resources.

Participants are encouraged to take their own notes during the workshop.


There will be no formal assessment for this workshop.

Learning path

Participants who complete this workshop should attend the intelligence operations workshop next.

Your instructor

Your instructor for this workshop has 33 years of security experience in a combination of government, corporate and consulting roles. He is the author of multiple books on how to successfully operate in higher-risk environments.


The price for this workshop starts at USD $135 per participant (18 participants) and goes up to $185 per participant (8 participants).

Please contact us for exact pricing based on your numbers.


To book this workshop for your organisation, please register your interest using the button below.

Please include the number of participants and your preferred date and venue (for in-person training only).

To ensure an optimum environment for learning, the group size is restricted to a maximum of 18 people per workshop.