When the stakes are high, it's worth getting a second opinion.

If your organisation is impacted by a critical incident, you can reach out to us for impartial and objective advice. We can work through your approach over the phone, or we can send someone from our operations team to work with you either at your office or in the field.

Our team can give you additional insights, helping you to see the incident from different perspectives. These insights can be invaluable for promoting rapid recovery, avoiding pitfalls, and reducing the risk of any negative impact on the value and reputation of your organisation.

On the ground in Tripoli, Lebanon during anti-government protests in October 2019.


Direct support to your people in the field.

If an incident affects your organisation in a remote locality, we can send experienced professionals into the field to support you.

We can advise local managers, establish communications, relocate people to secure areas, procure resources, and assist with repatriation or evacuation.

Just having us there demonstrates your organisation's commitment to the welfare and safety of your expatriates, travellers and local employees.

On the ground in Syria, 2020.


Receive independent updates from experts in the field.

We can place an independent operations expert on the ground in the immediate aftermath of an incident to give you a first-hand assessment of the situation.

You can task us to gather specific information, for example the exact locations of protests, hotel security arrangements, the extent of flood or earthquake damage, or whether local airports are operating. We can also gauge the sentiment on the ground, and help you benchmark your responses against other companies in the location.

Accurate and timely information makes for better planning and decision-making.

On the ground in Colombo, Sri Lanka after the Easter Day terrorist attacks in April 2019.


Get your people out of dangerous locations quickly and quietly.

We can help you plan and execute discreet evacuations of employees and their families from remote areas and escalating risk situations.

This includes developing evacuation plans, coordinating aviation assets and ground transportation, securing accommodation, and coordinating protective security. We’ll also prepare detailed contingency plans, so we're fully prepared if something does go wrong.

We focus our evacuation services on individual clients rather than conducting mass evacuations, so even if you already have a service provider for evacuations, you’ll likely find our insights and approach valuable.

Under Project ARGONAUT, we have established networks of safe houses and operational resources in specific locations designed to facilitate evacuation or long-term protection.

On the ground in Beirut during anti-government protests in October 2019.


Get critical resources to the people who need them most.

We can coordinate deployment of critical resources to resupply your facilities, including food, water, shelter, generators, water filtration equipment, and other emergency supplies.

Through Project HERMES , we are able to dispatch modular packs of critical equipment and supplies anywhere in the world. In most cases, we can coordinate next day delivery.

We provide logistic support on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the security environment and other constraints. We may not be able to support individuals and organisations in non-permissive environments, but we'll certainly do our best to try.

If you have specific operational needs, get in touch with our team now.

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